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A safari can be a once in a lifetime dream trip and you need an expert to help make it perfect. We have the knowledge and experience planning safari trips to Africa and other safari destinations. Our hand-picked suppliers have everything from luxury tours to camping adventures. Something for every travel style and every price point.

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Tiger Safari in India

A wildlife safari to India is an amazing opportunity to see unique animals and experiece the culture of this vibrant and beautiful country. Tigers are definitely the main attraction. With more than 1,400 tigers within its boundary, India holds nearly 50% of the world’s wild tiger count.
With 40 National Parks the choices can be endless. We can help you plan the perfect India Safari, step into the pages of the Jungle Book and learn the mysteries of this fascinating land.

Africa Wildlife Safari

Africa is the ultimate safari destination and we have the experience to help you plan the perfect safari. Whether you want to wine tour in South Africa, see the big five, ride a luxury train or go Gorilla trekking, the choices are endless.
Beyond the wildlife, the culture and history are also part of what makes Africa a much loved destination. Every country in Africa is special in its own way, the great migration in Tanzania, the sand dunes of Namibia, the primates of Uganda, the tribes of Ethiopia, no countries are alike but they are all most definitely Africa.
Don't just dream, Africa has accessible options and price points for everyone. Contact us today to make your Africa Dreams come true.

The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon is home to the most biodiverse ecosystem on Earth. This beautiful and expansive rainforest can be a nature lovers dream.
Ecotourism is a way of life here and whether you choose a river cruise or one of the amazing lodges you will feel at one with nature.

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